Multiword Verb Use among ESL students with Verb-Framed First Language

  • Ahmed Kadhum Fahad
Keywords: Multi-verb word, Corpus, Verb framed, Lexical, Functional Structure


English has many multiword verbs and collocations. A linguistic division between verb-framed languages and satellite-framed languages is characterized by the presence or absence of particles used in multiword verbs. A verb-framed language (e.g., Arabic, Korean,) encodes semantic information about the path of motion within the main verb, whereas a satellite-framed language (e.g., English, German) encodes directional information in the verb-related particle. The purpose of this study is to use a corpus linguistics tool to examine the relationship among lexical and functional structure in multiword verbs used by ESL learners. The central hypothesis is that there is a robust effect of L1 typological preferences on written expressions in L2.