Exploring Feminist Ideology: A Transitivity Approach

  • Asst. Prof. Salih Mehdi Adai Almamori
  • Asst. Lect. Hussein Huwail Ghayadh
Keywords: Exploring Feminist Ideology: A Transitivity Approach


This paper purports to investigate the correlation between linguistic constructions and socially interpreted senses in a narrative discourse. A Feminist stylistic analysis is conducted to clear up the design agilities of Hosseini’s novel “A Thousand Splendid Sun”. It attempts to explore his stylistic qualities whereby much of the time his literary expressions give the impression that cover or conceal what really took place. By adopting Halliday’s model of transitivity, the researcher tries to disclose the philosophy and authority relations that underpin a literary text from one sentence level (the adopted model). The evidence and the indications look as if to be fruitful that the adopted framework, however, has recognizable purposes which donate to the operative connotation of the literary text. For this reason, it may be taken for granted that these foundations activate and perform essential tasks in conveying the aim of the author across.