مثاقفة الإغواء بين الفن الروائي العراقي والإيراني( دراسة مقارنة)

  • أ. م. د. محمد مهدي ياسين


The most prominent thing that can be seen in the door of cultural overlap in the Iraqi and Iranian narratives about the techniques of seduction is that the second one follows the first one completely , and as a captive of course , they are mostly women, not men, and their victims are men seduction, but less so We did not address them in this search for their scarcity in our chosen models, and the second one to whom the act of seduction is a person He follows, هin completely  will after he is captured and has a soft instrument in his hands .As if the first one  has made his victim feel comfortable to turn captive in his hands, and convinced that his quest to change his reality and his life has ceased to need him, everything that the victim aspires or struggling to get it, has become within reach, and all pleasures available And there is no need to make any other effort, and the choice Almmlh and stand tired with values and right and struggle the spirit...since who does not want a spiritual experience relaxing his conscience without trouble and indulge in sensual pleasure!.