Persuasive Strategies in the Second Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump: A pragmatic Study

  • Fadhil Athab Atshan Al_jubbory
Keywords: debate, persuasive strategy, attack, acclaiming, defence, Trump, Clinton, pragmatic analysis.


    This research paper aims at investigating the key persuasive strategies used by Clinton and Trump in the second presidential debate that takes place between them before American voters so as to obtain the greatest number of votes that enable the winner to take office. The study at hand, which is pragmatically conducted, emphasizes three persuasive strategies alongside their accompanying mechanisms  that the rivals  usually employ in the presidential race to carry out their aims and satisfy the audience (Au henceforth)  with their theses, views and opinions. These strategies are acclaiming, attacking and defence, which represent the key pillars upon which the candidates in question depend to persuade the voters of their theses concerning the controversial issues.