The shape of the place in the poetry of Nizar Qabbani poem (rooster) model

  • Dr.. Muslim Houni Hussein
  • Dr. Adel Abd al Kadhim Jawed


The poetry text attempts to benefit from other arts, through the process of overlapping the arts, especially from the art of storytelling, through the emergence of the place as a narrative structure that is organically formed within the poetic text encapsulated in semantic veneer. It celebrates many symbols and meanings and produces aesthetic and intellectual values ​​as well as its embrace of the movement and rotation of events , The focus is on the formation of (warm) poem in the poet Nizar Qabbani and the symbol of the rooster in that warm, as the narrator presents poetic hero bad qualities and aggressive aggression reveal the tragedy, and determine the poor reality and monitor the possibility and the interior, and continues to text in such a way that reveals Theft of power, the dictatorship of a The poet tries to remove the qualities of the animal rooster on the rule of the human rooster ,  which is manifested in its domination over the human entity. The poet refers the text as a space that is formed by the process of digesting the spaces of the Arab countries that melted automatically and smoothly in the town's space