Les références culturelles occidentales de la poésie arabe moderne : la poésie d'as-Sayyāb comme modèle

  • Dr. Abbas Krimich Khudhur


This study focuses on the influence of Western literature on the thought and poetry of Badr Šakir as-Sayyāb (1926-1964), an avant-garde Iraqi poet, initiator of Arab poetic modernity. We will first tackle Arab poetic modernity : the rebirth, the development, the surrounding circumstances, the motives, the initiators, the points of the changeover to the poetic textual plans of the form and content. Then, we will study the impact of Western poetic giants on Arabic texts. In this respect, we will represent literary quotes and testimonies. Finally, we will focus on the poetic sources that Badr Šakir as-Sayyāb supports to develop his poetry.