دلالة الشك عند النحويين

  • أ.م.د رافد حميد يوسف


The grammatical  lesson  remains in the form of studies that are concerned whith the meaning and significance of the study , because it gives the content importance as given to form , revealing the meaning of the secrets of expression , and the different combinations of the whole to the other , as well as the revelation of the Quranic miracles .

The Arabic grammar was influenced by the sciences that emerged as jurisprudence , its origins , logic ,philosophy , and so on . The judgments are certain and its mainfestations and doubts are in the jurisprudence and the fundamentals , as well as in the grammarians in general , and we looked at this side , on him , After we became skeptical of the linguists and the grammarians , it appeared to us that the linguistic meaning differed from what is mentioned in the grammarians . The  grammarians were influenced by what the jurists and the regions mentioned in his definition , and we have explained this in detail in his place of research .