الإله ايل

  • د.مروان نجاح مهدي إبراهيم البلام


    God El has a special significance in the ancient world, because he has been associated with many beliefs of ancient peoples, and because of this importance dealt with the personality of this god, to find out why El got such a great place, and why the name of El became a sign of divinity, which indicates the importance of this god is named More than 500 times in the Ugaritic texts appeared in the Torah about 230, as his name was found in Phoenician and Aramaic.

As we reviewed in the research the origin of God and its name, as well as the jurisprudence of historians in the difference of the designation, as well as we dealt with the first assets of this designation, by presenting the differences between the doctrines of researchers in the problematic of this designation, we were able to find a way closer to the right in the cause of the designation, and where this name came from.

In addition to discussing the status of this god and its importance from the piles that worshiped him and why he preferred him to the rest of the gods, as well as continuing to worship many peoples in the region had a goddess older than God, and then we showed the status of this god among the gods, and what was a different El from the rest of the gods, how this became his prestige among the divine and then became the head of the Canaanite Pantheon.

We tried hard to clarify his symbols and what they meant, and this symbol did not become a distinctive sign of the god of El, and then we went back to the qualities that the god El was described by his deity, as well as our search for the form that it was, and then we showed the place of its inhabitants, and whether he dwells Earth or heaven was home.